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    Not being a local to the area and having a commercial electrical need, I took a chance on Old's Electric for my electrical rewiring and updating needs. I was completely blown away with the quality, service, promptness and overall expertise this outfit brought to the table. A crew of 3 professionals showed up ready to work before the scheduled appointment time. This crew was not your typical work crew where 2 guys stand around and watch one employee work, I was astounded at how every person kept busy, sharing tasks and duties to get the job done. I asked a ton of questions throughout the installation and they each took the time to explain their craft to me so I could understand each step of the process. After a quick interview from the foreman, he made a few recommendations on power panel upgrades to avoid a costly upgrade later down the road. My electrical ignorance would have let them install a smaller panel and had quickly needed a bigger panel. This sound, expert advice was right on point and my price concerns were quickly addressed while discussing my options. Overall, I was very impressed with the skill, work ethic, attention to detail that this team of 3 exemplified, it was nothing short of perfection, right down to the point where they swept up, cleaned handprints from the work surfaces, shook my hand and left. If you are in the Lexington area and have an electrical need, do not hesitate to call Old's. I will never use a different contractor for my electrical contracting. Thank you guys!
    Large Time Fabrication
  • Book Lovers Coffee
    Old's Electric recently installed a generator panel switch upgrade to allow me to safely power my electrical panel with a standby generator during power outages. An Old's crew showed up with all of the equipment as scheduled and promptly installed the transfer switch in my panel. Welcoming contractors into your home or business to do work is always an interesting venture depending on who you choose to work with, in this case the 2 electricians that completed the work inside on the panel treated my business with a level of care that even myself strive to reach. As you may know, electricians carry an array of different tools on their work belts making an already large, fit electrician even wider. I was extremely impressed how both of the electricians guarded my freshly painted walls and even my vehicles from contact with their large tool belts. These 2 guys were very aware and respectful of my property and treated it like their own. The job was completed with speed and was done well ahead of their scheduled time they had allotted for me to be with them, allowing me to return to work. Old's Electric is one of many contractor choices in the Lexington area, but they are and will continue to be the only ones saved in my phone. Thanks for being quick, fairly priced and for the excellent work, next power outage, we will have the lights on because of you guys! Thank You!
    Book Lovers Coffee
  • Lexington Coffee Co.
    I contacted Old's Electric to rewire a service truck that I was converting into commercial use to be powered by an on and off grid power source. Not being an electrician and only having a little knowledge of electricity, I had a list of questions ready for the technician. Upon arrival, the technician took the time to answer my questions regarding my use of the vehicle and instead of completely rewiring the system offered a cost savings approach to my electrical needs. The avoidance of purchasing and installing a new panel saved me hundreds of dollars that my ignorance would have just written a check for, the electrician could have easily convinced me and charged me for the unnecessary upgrade, but didn't. The electrician gathered my needs and was off to quote the next job, scheduling my install for the next week, completely content with the expedient service of an install within a week, he shook my hand and drove away. Within a few hours the same day as my initial quote, my phone chirped with a text message from the electrician "We are all done". With a shocked look, I walked to the utility truck to see a masterful install to his exacting plans we had discussed. The panel had new breakers, the wires were artfully secured in place leading to my new power plug and there was no trace of any electrician being in the vehicle. I hadn't even been gone for 3 hours and the install and panel upgrade was complete. Old's Electric is the absolute choice in the Thumb area, I am completely blown away at their level of service and technical ability. This is the second project that Old's has completed for me and I am still in shock at how flawless and professional their outfit is. I highly recommend Old's Electric as your go to electrician regardless of the job size, you will be taken care of. Thank you guys for setting the standard so high in your industry, I truly appreciate how you handled this job.
    Lexington Coffee Co.